The healthcare sector is one of the areas that has/is been greatly affected by human advancement in technology. This leap in science however prompted the creation of a new field in nursing called nursing informatics. Nursing Informatics (NI) is a new line of profession within the Nursing field that started some years back, and has gained grounds in the medical field. If you walked up to someone some fifteen year back, asked them what their profession was and they said Nursing Informatics Clinical Project Manager, you would have been perplexed with a puzzled look on your face as if your brain had just short-circuited.
Nursing informatics will continue to explode and the demand will continue to increase.


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What Is Nursing Informatics?

Nursing informatics (NI) is a branch of nursing that deals with the application and combination of computer science and information science to the practice of nursing science. In other words, the informatics nurse is one whose job centers on methods and technologies of information data, compartmentalizing information regarding healthcare using technology, information science and healthcare sciences to create devices and strategies to assist in processing and managing nursing data and the delivery of nursing care.


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What Do Nurses Working In Informatics Do?

The responsibilities of a nurse working in informatics may vary. However, they can be health information managers, project managers, software developers for nurses and/or educating nurses on how to use the software, devising training programs or implementing the already set up clinical information systems for organizations. Further details about the responsibilities and job description, career guide, project management centers, and associations of the informatics nurse can be found on both HIMSS and ANIA websites dedicated to nursing informatics.


Jobs In Health IT

Several services of health IT can be employed in different types of areas.


  1. Long Term Care organizations

  2. Education/Training Programs

  3. Acute Care Facilities

  4. Private Vendors or Companies

  5. Self employed, i.e putting up your services for hire as a freelancer (software designer, educator, consulting, writer; writing educational materials and educational courses).

    Several job opportunities are available for an informatics nurse.


Potential job titles you may see that fit the job description of nursing informatics (NI) are:

  1. Clinical Analyst

  2. RN- Information systems

  3. Nurse Clinical Consultant

  4. Nurse Specialist Informatics

  5. Physician Trainer or Educator

  6. Implementation Specialist

  7. Systems Analyst

  8. Project Manager

  9. Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) liason